New Feature Drop?

hello websatchel team,

I was wondering when there will be new features released? It has been a while since we had something new added to the service and I am considering going premium now that the prices have been reduced. I saw some people suggesting that they want to be able to share saved pages with friends but I was hoping for something more to do with annotations. Right now all there is is a highlighter but I would like to be able to put sticky notes on certain pages. Will you please consider such a feature? Thank you!

Hi Higuichi,

Yes there are new features in the pipeline right now. Your sticky note idea is great and we will certainly take a look into implementing it. For now just stay tuned and we should having something new out in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your suggestion!


Would it also be possible to add a way to add tags right from the plugin? I find myself really wanting to use the tags feature but I'm too lazy to go back and organize the pages I saved after the fact  Big Grin

Yes Delaney! If you use the pluggin on firefox we already implemented such a feature. The rest of the browsers will be released soon.