Will there be a way to share my saved pages with friends?

Hi, I was wondering if there will be a way for me to share my saved pages with my friends. I think such a feature will be very useful because right now all my saved pages seem very isolated. It would be cool to send some sort of link to a friend where they can view it even if they dont have a websatchel account. Not sure if this is possible but it would make me very happy! Thanks!

Hi Frica77,

This is certainly a feature we have considered implementing and is currently in the pipeline. There may be some legality issues with making certain saved pages (Such as those that have copyrighted content in them) available to be freely viewed by anyone. To avoid this we may be able to implement a sharing feature that will only allow users to share files with other users of WebSatchel. We hope this doesn't put a damper on the general idea of sharing saved pages since most of them should be perfectly fine to share. We will continue to look into this and we will let everyone know if we do decide to implement such a feature. Thanks for your suggestion!