saving a scrolling page

Websatchel did save my requested (first) webpage but did NOT save the rest of the page beyond that (i.e., that required scrolling). Is there a way to request Websatchel to save the entire page (including scrolling to the very end)?

Hello Dan,

Was the page that you tried to save an infinite scrolling page like Reddit or Facebook? WebSatchel can only save that which the browser has loaded into it at the time of saving. If the page is not infinite the page should save completely from header to footer.

Let us know if this helps!

When you open a page in the browser it only loads what you see. This is done to save loading time. The browser postpones loading images until you  scroll the page to see them. So if you want websatchel to save the whole page you should scroll to the bottom first. Than you can scroll back to the place that you want to be on the snapshot image.