Can you make an app?

First off I'd like to say I love the service and creating a forum is a nice touch. I personally find archiving and finding pages with this extension to be a way cleaner experience than using Evernote, of which I am a long time user and, believe me, it gets very cluttered after a while. Glad to see some innovation in this sector of web browsing! 

The only thing I wish for is that this had a mobile application since I find myself often doing research on my phone instead of at a desktop or laptop. I know its a lot to ask for but it would make for an incredible addition to an otherwise fine service. Keep up the good work!  Big Grin


Glad to hear you are enjoying the service Hector!  Big Grin

Unfortunately making a mobile app is something we wish to do but simply cant. Current mobile browsers do not allow you to install extensions with the exception of Yandex Browser available on the google play store which runs on chromium. Making an entire WebSatchel application would in essence require us to create our own mobile browser you would have to download and use over your current one. Perhaps if such a service was heavily requested and popular we would consider it but as of right now we can only offer the desktop experience.