Save all button?

Hello I've made an account a few days ago and I've been saving pages regularly so far I have to say that I am enjoying the service! However I don't understand what the "Save all" button does. There is no description of its function in documentation so I figured I would ask here.

Hello Calvin

Save All is related to our experimental Collections functionality. The main idea is to allow users to save all tabs in a particular browser window. The collection can be given a description to help you find it later. 

We believe this function can be very handy in some situations. For example some users like to open a lot of browser tabs and then keep them forever because they are afraid that they will not be able to find them again. We solve this problem. Not only can you save these tabs as a collection but you can also load these tabs later in exactly the same order as they were originally in your browser.
Also this functionality can be viewed as a more reliable and more convenient Restore Session browser function. For example you can create a collection using Firefox and restore it in Chrome! Or you can restore in on a different computer.

Be aware of a few things:
  • This functionality is in its early stage of development. Currently it is not possible to add/remove pages to/from a collection.
  • Currently only links are saved, not pages. Saving pages would take too long.
  • The content of each tab is still indexed. So the individual page can be found later by entering some key words.
  • Only Firefox allows to create a snapshot of a tab which is not current. That means that if you save a collection in Chrome you will to see screenshots.
  • Some browsers will prevent us from opening several tabs at once. This problem can be easily solved by changing your browser settings.

I was wondering the same thing! Glad to see someone asked this already.