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WebSatchel allows you to save a replica of a web page. The page will be stored on cloud and can be opened later using any browser and any computer. For example you can save a page at home and access it from work. Saved pages are stored encrypted and access to them is password protected. What is very important is that the page is not just saved but indexed as well. This will allow you to find this page even if you don't remember the exact details.

Essentially WebSatchel is your personal search engine which will only search the pages that you saved before. Thus you will get the best of both worlds. On one hand you will have the power of a search engine, on the other hand it will only search amongst pages that you value instead of returning you thousands of useless results. Another extremely useful feature is that you can mark or highlight some areas on the page before saving it. This mark-up will be saved along with the page and will allow you to immediately focus on the important information when you load the page in the future.

Web Extension

We use a Web Extension (also called browser plugin or addon) to save pages and provide highlighting. Currently we support Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Extensions can be installed from this site or from the plugin stores. See the Install section for details. Once the extension is install it will be available by clicking on a satchel icon from the browser toolbar.

Saving a Page

To save a page just open the WebSatchel plugin and click on the Save Page button. You can also enter a description which will help you find this page in the future. If you highlighted something, the mark-up will be saved along with the page.

Saving a page can take some time depending on its size. Once the page is saved you will get a confirmation.

Sometimes you don't need to store the page but just want to bookmark it. In such a case you can click on the Save Link button. You can also add a description to help find this page in the future.


Regardless of whether you save the whole page on only store the link, the content of the page will indexed. This will make it possible to find the page in the future. We recommend to add some description as well to make searching more accurate.


It is also possible to create tags and assign them to stored pages. Filtering pages by tags that they should have and also by tags that they should not have can improve the accuracy of your search.


Information on a page can be highlighted. The mark-up will be saved along with the page.


Unfortunately not all pages can be saved. Browsers block access to their system pages such as about:preferences in Firefox and chrome://settings/ in Chrome. Browsers also block access to pages loaded from certain domains. For example Firefox blocks access to pages loaded from and Chrome does the same for
In case if a page cannot be saved you will see the following error message:

Data Security

Pages are stored encrypted and access to them is password protected. They are available only to the user who saved them.

Web Site

To access previously saved pages go to My Satchel menu tab and start searching by entering key words just like you would in Google or Bing. You would need to have a free WebSatchel account to be able to access My Satchel menu tab.


To start using WebSatchel you need to register and get a free account. Make sure that your password is strong so that only you can access your saved pages. You will be given 1 GB of storage space and a one month trial period with all features available. After the expiration of the trial period you can continue using WebSatchel with a free account or subscribe to a premium service. With a free account you will still be able to save pages but certain features will be limited.